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Cato Board

 The Perfect Training Tool for EVERY Dog

CATOBOARDS UK are the leading UK & European distributor of the Cato Board. We supply direct to the customer, retailer and Dog Trainers (Trainers discount available please complete contact form). We have amazing ambassadors who are all experts in their field, as our ambassadors do we feel passionately about the benefits of Placeboard training and the quality of the Cato Board. We understand placeboard training is is a proven method and or aim was to bring you the very best product possible to aid your training.

Place training is crucial for dog training, and the Cato Board is the perfect tool for teaching this all-important command. Safe, elevated, sturdy, and portable. The Cato Board was designed with your dog in mind! 


Once your dog understands the place command in conjunction with the Cato Board, the command can be used for almost any situation – visitors at the door, control when being let in and out, feeding time, remote sits, recall, steadiness training, handling drills, and upland hunting skills. With a little patience and creativity, the Cato Board will change the way that you interact with your dog.

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